The Sugar Daddy race features 4 unique courses for each distance on the awesome paseo pathways, taking runners of each distance to experience different parts of the Santa Clarita Valley. Each distance goes by the following course colors:

  • Half Marathon = Red Course
  • 10K = Purple Course
  • 5K = Blue Course
  • Kids Run = Yellow Course

There are a total of 6 aid-stations throughout all the courses and the start/finish line, plus don't forget runners will get ice cream at the finish line!


The Sugar Daddy Race 10K and Half Marathon course will be updated for 2019.  Thanks to the recent Newhall Ranch Road bridge construction we are now able to create full loops for the 10K and Half Marathon courses and have runners finish through the historic Iron Horse Bridge. Updated map and details to be posted soon!

Course Walk through

Half Marathon

Half MarathonHalf Marathon RunnersStarting from the Iron Horse trail head runners will go East going under McBean Parkway to Valencia Blvd to reach Station #1.

Then follow the pathway around and go under Bouquet Canyon to make a hairpin turn to onto Bouquet Canyon to cross over the Santa Clara River and reach Station #2.

Then following the path on the north side of the Santa Clara river going towards Golden Valley Road to Station #3, go past it following the path until it ends, then runners will make a U-Turn to go back to Station #3 and #2.

When reaching #2 the second time runners will go under Bouquet Canyon Road following the path that goes behind Lowes and around towards Bridgeport park, following the path to go under McBean Parkway to Station #4.

Then following the path North to Avenue Scott to make a U-Turn back to #4, then cross McBean Parkway and go right onto the pathway to head back to the finish line.

Station Sequence

Half Marathon runners will hit aid-stations in the following sequence from start to finish for a combined total of 7 stations.

Start > 1 > 2 > 3 > 3 > 2 > 4 > 4 > Finish

Station Distances

Distances between stations.

From Point To PointDistance
From Start to Station #11.9 miles
From Station #1 to #21.2 miles
FromStation #2 to #32.3 miles
From Station #3 to U-Turn Point / Back to #30.8 miles / 1.6 miles round trip
From Station #3 to #22.3 miles
From Station #2 to #41.9 miles
From Station #4 to U-Turn Point / Back to #40.3 miles / 0.6 miles round trip
From Station #4 to Finish Line1.2 miles
Station Mile Markers
StationsMile Marker
StartMile 0
#1Mile 1.9
#2Mile 3.1 / Mile 9.3
#3Mile 5.4 / Mile 7
#4Mile 11.2 / Mile 11.8
FinishMile 13.1

*Distances rounded down to nearest tenth of a mile.

Kids Fun Run


These elevation profiles may look like the course has some challenging hills, however it is a bit deceiving as the gain varies from approximately 20 feet to 100 feet depending on which course you are running. Overall these courses are very fast as the elevation is relatively flat, espeically the 10K and 5K courses, but the Half Marathon course does have some elevation changes from Station #2 to the U-Turn point after #3 to provide a little bit of a challenge.

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Bring out your inner superhero to run with family and friends on Saturday, June 15th 2019.


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Plan Your Father's Day Weekend!

Bring out your inner superhero on Saturday, June 15th, 2019 in Santa Clarita, California!

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